Jerry and Kathy in Saxtons River, Vermont

At the end of the summer 2014, we did the numbers and decided a solar electric system would be financially beneficial for us. Eric Shenholm and Saxtons River Solar Electric made it happen successfully. They helped with the decision to construct a roof-top system and took care of the planning, preparation, installation and coordination with the local power utility. Our system was “commissioned” on December 30, 2014 despite cold weather and snow.

We continue to be happy with results and that led to our decision to ask Eric to help solve a heating/cooling problem in our oft-remodeled house. His company installed two small cold-climate heat pumps. Now our east and south corner upstairs master bedroom can be cooled to sleep-comfortable conditions during the hottest times of the year. And our “cool-all- year-round” basement living area can be warmed as needed so it is comfortably usable for us and guests. The heat pumps are a daily reminder of the quality work of Eric and his associates. When we see the consistently positive effects of the solar electric system on our monthly electric utility bill, we again appreciate the results of their work.

We recommend Saxtons River Solar Electric without reservation for these and similar projects.