Residential Solar

Solar install near deckSaxtons River Solar installs roof and ground mount PV on location.  We use SolarWorld PV or comparable, panels, because they perform well both in terms of power output and their warranty/track record. They also have the top rating by “The Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition solar scorecard”.

This is important to us, because many people ask “How green are these solar panels?” And since we have a choice, and these panels perform so well, why not use them?

Rooftop solar install

Rooftop PV (Solar) installation, Saxtons River, Vermont

When ever possible we use US, Canadian, and Euro-zone designed and manufactured panels and inverters, such as Fronius, SMA, Solar Edge, Enphase, Midnite Solar, Outback Power, SolarWorld, REC Solar.

See how the many Utility incentives and State/Federal tax credits add up to big savings on your Solar Installation.

Call for a quote, and I will stop by and perform a site assessment and answer any questions.