Project Type

A high-wall unit in a spacious bedroom.

Rockingham, Vermont

Ground mount installation in a meadow adjacent to a private residence.

Arlington, Vermont

Ground mount solar off-grid system for a private residence in a remote area.

North Haverhill, New Hampshire

Residential ground mount overlooking the Connecticut River Valley.

Rockingham, Vermont

A ground mount solar installation sited near a deck on a private home.

Rockingham, Vermont

An interior high-wall unit installed in an elegant kitchen/dining room.

Rockingham, Vermont

A floor-mount unit fits beautifully into a bright kitchen.

Brattleboro, Vermont

This outdoor unit in Brattleboro, Vermont, supplies heating and cooling to a dining room, kitchen, and upstairs den.

A roof-mount solar installation on an equipment barn located in Dummerston, Vermont

A roof mount and a ground mount system combine to make the perfect installed kW for this residential customer. Vernon, Vermont