Let Solar Work for You

Here is an illustration of the economics of solar electric for an average family home:

This is a simplified breakdown of expenses and savings when installing solar electric.  It does not take into consideration inflation, or increases in utility rates, which will actually increase the savings substantially over time.

Average Annual Electric Bill without solar


Your approximate system size: 5kW (DC rating) for 100% electrical need.


Total System Cost




Minus: 30% Federal Tax Credit

– $4,425.00

Net System Cost


First year net metering credit


Estimated 30-year Savings 


*All of the above numbers are approximate but close, and have been independently verified in many small solar electric systems here in Vermont.  For a more in depth analysis and breakdown of the economics of solar power please go to solarpowerrocks.com.

Every solar site is different, and shading and location make a difference.

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